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Our Mission

To provide superior service to the individual as well as home builders with attention to detail and cost-effective planning with the latest technology and energy efficient construction methods in mind.

ABOUT legacy Home Plans

As we live life, the traces that we leave become our legacy. As a builder, whether single-family, multi-family, duplex, apartment, or townhouse, the homes you build are the legacy you leave your community. As an individual, your home will have a major influence in the legacy you leave your family. We design our plans with your legacy in mind.

Located in the Memphis Metropolitan area, Legacy Home Plans has a professional home design team that has provided local and nationwide builders and homeowners with quality home designs for decades. Whether you are a builder that needs a collection of plans for use in a subdivision or an individual that is ready to see your dream home come to life, Legacy Home Plans is the home design firm you should call.

Our goal is providing quality residential designs that utilize the latest in energy saving ideas, as well implementing modern-day conveniences and luxuries. We will thoughtfully plan the home design so that lumber and other materials have as little waste as possible, ultimately providing savings to the homeowner as they embark on this great investment. Whether it is building predrawn home plans, multifamily designs, duplex plans, apartment plans, townhouse plans, or your own custom family home, you'll be proud of the legacy you are leaving.

Our design team is here to assist you through the entire home design process. As we listen to your dreams and ideas, we will work with you to create a unique personal plan that you will love to call your legacy.